CSI coffee hour

Today's CSI coffee hour featured new work by several CSI members on many different fascinating topics

  • Can there be habitable conditions around a Red Giant star? - Thea Kozaki
  • Error propagation of planets along their orbit - Corey Spoh
  • Automated optical system alignment - Duan Li
  • Image Post-Processing Techniques for Direct Imaging - Jacob Shapiro
  • Simulating exoplanets yield - Dean Keithly
  • Autonomous Exploration of Extreme Planetary Surfaces - Frankie Zhu
  • Autonomous navigation for small spacecraft - Matt Walsh
  • How many Earth-like planets can NASA's TESS mission find? - Lisa Kaltenegger
Klarman Hall at sunset

Tweets from CSInst

"On the Correlation between Hot Jupiters and Stellar Clustering: High-Eccentricity Migration Induced by Stellar Fly… https://t.co/KBs39nU8NS
4 days 1 hour ago
“There are a bunch of elements of Mars Sample Return that are demonstrating key technologies required to safely sen… https://t.co/TR7dH0n2zr
4 days 1 hour ago
"This is really the start of a much larger endeavor. It’s more than just a single mission, it’s the start of a camp… https://t.co/KDReeaigbM
4 days 1 hour ago
'Seven Hundred Leagues Beneath Titan’s Methane Seas' “The depth and composition of each of Titan's seas had alrea… https://t.co/UOApnHmixx
4 days 1 hour ago
“This is really the first opportunity to look for life.” Jonathan Lunine, chair of the Department of Astronomy at C… https://t.co/MCXLHtW9ye
4 days 1 hour ago
"The Perseverance rover is just step 1 of 3 in the concept of Mars sample return. Our job is to land at Jezero, ide… https://t.co/UZpLDfS6bb
4 days 1 hour ago