New worlds art at Cornell (displayed outside Cornell's president's office)

Jack Madden, member of the Carl Sagan Institute and a PhD candidate in Astronomy, won 2nd prize in the elevator art contest at Cornell for his beautiful and thought-provoking image of another world, we for now can only imagine.

Jack wrote: "As part of the Carl Sagan Institute here at Cornell, I work on exploring the ways we could tell if there is life on other planets... But for now, images of these worlds at Cornell are just handfuls of data and an artist's conception."

The team at the Carl Sagan Institute at Cornell is working on a forensic toolkit to find life in the universe - inside our Solar System and beyond.

You can find Jack's artist impression of one of the new worlds hanging outside of Cornell's president's office - and outside Carl Sagan's former office (Space Science Institute 302).

credit Jack Madden Artist impression of a New World by Jack Madden

Artist Impression of a New World by Jack Madden, with Illeana Gomez-Lleal & Thea Kozakis

Klarman Hall at sunset

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