To the next star.... with nano-satellites

On a fitting date (Yuri's night) - a project is unveiled to travel to the next star...
The third Breakthrough Initiative is now official: A Visionary Project Aims for our closest star Alpha Centauri, a Star 4.37 Light-Years away using nano-satelites.

As written in the NYT (link below) by Dennis Overbye "Can you fly an iPhone to the stars? - In an attempt to leapfrog the planets and vault into the interstellar age, a bevy of scientists and other luminaries from Silicon Valley and beyond, led by Yuri Milner, the Russian philanthropist and Internet entrepreneur, announced a plan on Tuesday to send a fleet of robots no bigger than iPhones to Alpha Centauri, the nearest star system, 4.37 light-years away."

Mason Peck (MAE) Mason Peck (MAE)

Mason Peck, CSI team and board member,  is part of the advisory board for this endeavor.


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