TESS-1 announced the discovery of its first candidate planet

TESS-1: A Hot Mini-Neptune/Super-Earth-size planet in a 6.3 day orbit

NASA's TESS telescope just announced the discovery of a hot new planets less than 60 lightyears away - a hot mini-Neptuns/Super-Earth-sized planet. CSI member Lisa Kaltenegger is part of the team and an author of the paper. The paper can be found on the preprint server astroph:


The new hot mini-Neptune, which was dubbed "π Men c", with an orbital of 6.3 days. It is TESS's first discovery on its two-year mission to find Earth-like exoplanets around nearby stars. Another planet known as "π Men b", about 10 times the size of Jupiter and an orbital period of greater than 2,100 days, also orbits the same star.




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