Emily First

Postdoctoral Associate, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences


Emily is an experimental petrologist / planetary scientist / volcanologist who studies igneous rocks at the small scale to learn about large scale processes. She earned her PhD at the University of Hawaii, under the guidance of Dr. Julia Hammer. Her doctoral projects included experiments on the cooling of lava on Mars, the steady-state storage of dacite magma at Volcán Quizapu, Chile, and the diffusion of magnesium in feldspar. She then completed a post-doc at Brown University with Dr. Malcolm Rutherford, examining the onset of silicate liquid immiscibility in evolved lunar magmas. She joined the EAS Department at Cornell in December 2020, as a 51 Pegasi b Fellow. Here, she is taking her geological expertise beyond our solar system, working with Dr. Esteban Gazel (EAS), Dr. Nikole Lewis (Astronomy), and others to create a spectral database for exoplanet research.