Ishan Mishra

Astronomy & Space Sciences


Hello! I am a fifth-year graduate student working with Prof. Nikole Lewis and Prof. Jonathan Lunine on planetary spectroscopic retrievals. Briefly, this involves analyzing spectroscopic data from solar system bodies and exoplanets using appropriate physical models and statistical tools. The goal is to infer properties like composition, temperature, etc. of the atmosphere or surface of the body being observed. These methods can also be applied to simulated data from future missions/observatories, to help assess their science output and inform their design.  As a long term goal, I would like to explore how these retrieval frameworks can aid the astrobiological exploration of potentially habitable exoplanets and icy moons in the outer solar system.

Research Focus

Advisor: Professor Nikole Lewis


'Disintegration of the Aged Open Cluster Berkeley-17', Bhattacharya, S., Mishra, I., Vaidya, K., & Chen, W.-P. 2017, ApJ, 847, 138

'Into the UV: The Atmosphere of the Hot Jupiter HAT-P-41b Revealed.' Lewis, N.K. + 21 co-authors including Mishra, I.,, 2020.  The Astrophysical Journal 902, L19. 

’Bayesian analysis of Juno/JIRAM’s NIR observations of Europa’, Mishra, I., Lewis, N., Lunine, J., Helfenstein, P., MacDonald, R.J., Filacchione, G., Ciarniello, M., 2021. . Icarus 357, 114215.

‘A comprehensive revisit of select Galileo/NIMS observations of Europa’, Nikole Lewis , Jonathan Lunine , Kevin P. Hand , Paul Helfenstein , R. W. Carlson, and Ryan J. MacDonald, 2021, The Planetary Science Journal, '2, 183.'